With our exclusive HyperDUV Binning Protocol LEDingEDGE Lighting has achieved as a superior level of color commitment.  Reducing range of color “brackets” to the most precise specifications available today, LED lighting will now have exacting standards. 

But What Exactly Is HyperDUV?

LedingEDGE Lighting, Inc. HyperDUV Binning Protocol

A black body is an idealized physical body that absorbs all incidental electromagnetic radiation. Because of this perfect absorptive nature at all wavelengths, a black body is also the best possible emitter of thermal radiation, which it radiates incandescently in a characteristic, continuous spectrum that depends on the body's temperature.

Thus, exact color reference Kelvin temperature is determined using the Mean Line of a black object  along the MacAdams Ellipse.

In practice, LED makers manage variations by subdividing each CCT (LED chip) area into subclasses or bins. Each of these bins conforms to the ANSI CCT standard for color variation.

Any possible color variation within a given bin is undetectable.

Most LED makers use a 16-bin variant within a color designation allowing for a range of acceptable color 400% greater than that used by LEDingEDGE Lighting using our exclusive HyperDUV Binning Protocol.

Our 4-bin range gives precise color within a range variation which is barely perceptible to the human eye.

Using our stringent HyperDUV Binning Protocol LEDingEDGE Lighting, Inc. builds LED Luminaires that produce a higher level of Color Rendering Index (CRI) light output.

This means that under LEDingEDGE Lighting illumination objects appear more vibrant and true-to-nature color.