Showing Your Products in the Best Light!

LEDingEDGE Lighting, Inc. has standardized LED with CM2, our exclusive Color Matrix Color Matching System making selection a snap.

Produce, Jewelry, Dairy, Gift, Meat, Crystal, Bakery, Deli, Liquor; All can be shown in perfect light with LEDingEDGE LED Luminaires.

Components are primarily manufactured and 100% assembled in the United States on the most advanced state-of-the-art equipment. Using LEDingEDGE Luminaires for interior illumination in retail applications will save energy, reduce maintenance costs and give long life to your fixtures, while providing the perfect light for any application.

  • Mini-Orion - General Purpose Luminaire 1865 uses only 2.49 watts per foot producing 88 Lumens per watt of output lighting and 876 lumens per four foot length.
  • Mini-Orion - Super Bright Luminaire 7220 uses only 2.88 watts per foot producing 92 Lumens per watt of output lighting and 1,060 lumens per four foot length.

  • Mini-Orion - Ultra Bright Luminaire 3665 uses only 5.15 watts per foot producing 89 Lumens per watt of output lighting and 1,833 lumens per four foot length.

  • LightShelf - the LED downlight with illuminated PTM built right in! With shelving to match any manufacturers size and bracketing and available in three colors and three levels of brightness.
  • T-8 LED Tubes are manufactured to fit into existing tombstone fluorescent fixtures. Simply remove the Hi-Voltage ballast and replace with our Low-Voltage Class II LED Driver for half the power usage and longer life.
  • SimpleSigns  No matter what the product or area lighting condition SimpleSigns will give an extra boast to any product presentation. Using low power LED internal illumination SimpleSigns can be built in lengths to suit any requirement. Single sided or double sided in stand-alone, gondola mount base, or VHB adhesive mount SimpleSigns are the perfect solution for merchandising readability and attention grabbing signage. Attaches to any flat surface or gondola topcap with Velcro, magnetic, or VHB tape.

Exact color specification with our hyperDUV Binning Protocol applied using our Color Matrix Color Matching System  makes merchandising products in the perfect color a snap.

Explore the website and then call us so we can help you Show Your Products in the Best Light!:  805.383.8493