Highlight Products with SimpleSign for Greater Impact!

With two sizes to choose from lengths can be selected to perfectly suit your installation. Gondola end-caps with 3-or-4-foot shelves can have SimpleSign attached on the topcap or simply put on a shelf.

Wherever you put SimpleSign sales go through the roof. Internally lighted with our proprietary LED system each SimpleSign delivers the message with backlit illumination of your printed stock.

Printed signage is produced on your own equipment using perforated, clear acetate or vellum sheets provided to you by LEDingEDGE, Lighting Inc. Signage is prepared using standard Microsoft Word software and our proven template system. Printing is done on your laser jet or ink jet printer using full color output for maximum exposure.

The 2 1/8” SimpleSign works great as product locators on gondola topcaps or standalone merchandising. Small low power wiring cords allow placement of the power supply to be hidden within the display. Available in either single or double sided display.

Our 4-1/4” SimpleSign shouts out the message and fits perfectly on top of the gondola topcap. Again, the power cords are low power to allow the power supply to be hidden.

Available in either single or double sided display.

No matter what the product or area lighting condition SimpleSigns will give an extra boast to any product presentation.