Specialty Cases

Specialty displays must handle a large variety of colors and textures and show them in the best light.

The installation of LED lighting must be exacting with precise color and intensity for the presentation. 

All Orion Series LED lights are 100% assembled from primarily USA manufactured components in Angola, Indiana, USA to meet specific requirements of the installation. Size, color and intensity all can be selected to suit the application. Exacting color to show your products in their best light using our HyperDuv binning process across the color spectrum

CM2, our exclusive Color Matrix Color Matching System   will allow exact color rendition for enhanced product presentation.

Advantages of LED fixtures:

  • Long Life

  • Ease of Replacement

  • Amazing Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Energy Cost Savings

  • Reduced heat

  • Reduced/no harmful UV rays

  • Tunable for perfect color matching

In all ways, fixtures fitted with our Orion or Mini-Orion Luminaires make sense to any business.