TIPS Systems

“TIPS” Twist-in Power System
Low Voltage Power Distribution Lighting System

Download spec sheet: tips sheet

Length = 6” to 72”
Dimensions = 5/8” W x 5/16” H


“TIPS” is a Low-Voltage power distribution system which provides 12v or 24v DC power for LED lighting across a variety of installations. “TIPS” provides versatility, allowing Twist-In Jumper cables tips to be located where needed. “TIPS” provides low voltage power distribution to luminaires anywhere along the grid. Input Line voltage is delivered through an LED Class 2 driver and converted to output 12v or 24v DC to the power grid. “TIPS” can be mounted vertically or horizontally to provide power to shelf luminaires, our LEDingEDGE (illuminated Price Tag Holder) or other devices via our Twist-In Jumpers. Mini-ORION luminaires can also be mounted flush onto the grid with our Right Angle Twist-In connectors. A variety of mounting options are available.


• Twist-in connectors with jumpers are attached at any spot along the  power grid to illuminate Mini-ORION luminaires, LEDingEDGE  illuminated shelf edge, or other LEDingEDGE products.

• Right Angle Twist-In connectors hold Mini-Orion Luminaires flush onto the power grid surface for use in overhead illumination

• Twist-In connectors attach to overhead EMerge Alliance T-Bar

• Designed in conjunction with EMerge Alliance partners to work within the Ceiling Based EMerge Alliance System• Safe and environmentally friendly and listed by ETL