We provide a variety of jumpers options to enable the required power to travel from one light to another.  Various lengths, ends and black / white options are available to meet your needs.  For those that need additional assurance that the jumpers will not unplug we also offer our unique polycarbonate “Cord Grip” accessory .


Polarized for direct 12v or 24v DC power supply

18/2 AWG  (18 gauge wire / 2 wires parallel)

Wire rated at 105 °C ;  Molded ends are rated at 90°C

Available in black or white

Available in lengths of, 3”, 6”, 9”, 12”, 18”, 24”, 36”, 48”, 60” 72” 96” and 120”

Jumpers come in straight / straight, right-angle / right-angle, straight / stripped or right-angle-stripped variations.

Contact us should you would like custom orders to meet your specific needs

Cord Grip Features: 

This unique end-cap provides additional assurance that the jumpers will not unplug; made of polycarbonate; available for our  Mini (.6” w) and Micro-Mini (.8” w)  series.

jumper 1
jumper 3