Customize Your Own Reach-In Glass Door Light

Reach-In Glass Door Lights

LEDingEDGE reach-in glass door luminaries offer the high efficiency, low voltage lighting needed to create the perfect appearance to meet your refrigeration and freezer needs. We ensure you have the perfect lighting fixtures by providing all the necessary voltage, length, color, lens, and projection of light angle options (256 variations to choose from!).

Build your own light steps:

  • Select the type of column you want to order  (either End Column or Center Column)
  • If you are building an End Column select a side (Left or Right)
  • Select your voltage, color, lens, angle of the projection of light and length
  • If you want more specific information click on the “Help Me…” and “Specification Sheets” or call our lighting specialist at 623-248-6232
  •  It’s as easy as that!
New Project
New Project

End Column Lights

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Center Column Lights

LEDingEdge Lighting Inc

Build your Center or End Column Light: